Halatlı Kaldırma Makineleri

The hoists are produced between the capacities 1 ton and 80 ton's as standard, with different speed and working class options. The hoist groups involve stationary, monorail trolley and double girder trolley hoists. Their compact design provides the ability to work at narrow spaces. As the consequence of the improved technological investments, being fabricated within automation conditions, our hoists have the capability to serve for a long and continuous time, which has been claimed with many tests. The design of these hoists with modular, standard, easy maintenance and service abilities, have been completed after the serious research of the technical staff about the crane concept that satisfies the world standards. All the trolley groups of the wire rope hoists have been replaced with end carriage version and all the end carriages have been improved so that they will be direct drive type. One of the most important aspects considered by the crane users is the hoist's headroom and Guralp has managed to have one of the lowest headrooms by utilizing the special control panel designed specifically, having an ergonomic view as well. By improving the production lines and getting high quality and efficiency this way; Guralp is making a difference either with the 100% static tests applied on the prototype and making risk analysis which is generally a missed out subject.

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