HR Policy

Güralp Crane and machine is a large family with 250 employees operating in Izmir headquarters and five regions (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Konya) in Turkey.

Our goal is to bring to Güralp creative and entrepreneurial individuals who are open to innovation and change, who can think strategically, who aim to develop themselves and their business quickly, and become an organization that all our employees will be proud of.

As Güralp, our human resources strategies are created to support Güralp's vision and mission.Our basic approach is to help our friends who work with us to shape their future according to their expectations and to create opportunities that increase their success and efficiency in their tasks.

Güralp for its employees in this direction ;

- To create a suitable environment for both personal and professional development,

- To establish and operate systems that evaluate individual differences correctly,

- To evaluate performance by measuring with objective criteria,

- It acts to reward high performance, to support the development of performance that falls short of what is expected.

Our ideal is to create a large family of employees who integrate their career path with the future plans of the company, meet the company goals and personal goals in the same way, create added value to the company through their work and make it sustainable.

Education and development

Güralp carries out training activities in order to contribute to the professional and personal development of its employees. Our goal is to provide employees with specific knowledge, skills and behaviors, and to support them to have the equipment to apply these values in their own lives. With the trainings organized, it is aimed to increase the productivity of our employees, to follow the developing technology of the employees and to train the future managers of our company.

Performance Management

Our company aims to evaluate the performance of our employees in line with its goals and strategies and to identify the aspects that are open to development and contribute in this direction.

Management Career

Our priorities are to evaluate, develop and make career plans in the most effective way our employees at all levels who are constantly fulfilling their goals, developing their competencies and willing to take responsibility.

Pricing System

In order to pay the right wages to the right job and to maintain internal balances, a wage policy is implemented in line with the steps determined in accordance with the market conditions.

Recruitment Process

The purpose of selection and placement practices is to recruit candidates who can keep up with the corporate culture and thus achieve sustainable success. It is aimed to make purchases that will support the vision and mission of Güralp without discrimination in the selection placement process...

According to the position, the employees are given the necessary technical knowledge and skills in practice and this sharing environment is provided, but more experienced and ambitious people can be preferred for employment according to the position needs and company policies.

Operation Of The Process

Human resources and department managers work jointly in the selection and placement process, which is structured to ensure that candidates are placed in the right job. Human resources invites the candidate for an interview by managing the preliminary evaluation process. After examining the criteria such as the suitability of the candidate for the corporate culture, matching the desired position and the qualifications of the candidate, the candidate is consulted with the department manager in order to evaluate the candidate's professional knowledge. Upon completion of the selection process, the candidate is notified of the result.


If you want to work with Güralp, you can apply through the form below or you can submit your applications to us through the postings we provide on the career sites.

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