Güralp Crane, electric overhead crane produced by using the most innovative technologies since 1991, transfer systems, special purpose machines, lifting and handling has completed numerous successful projects all over the world, that continue their activities without compromising safety and quality a leading industry organization.

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"During the construction of the company, your company with infinite confidence, a great care to the business, the quality of which is indisputable Güralp Crane A.P.we haven't even considered an alternative other than using the Crane of. We would like to thank the experienced service personnel who never let us down, and wish you continued success."

Ceren Oğul

"At this moment we are using two pieces of the overhead traveling cranes of Güralp Vinç. We as a customer are satisfied by using your cranes and we did not have seen any problems since we bought them. Furthermore, we are also satisfied with the quickness of the after-sales service."

Hakan Baltepe

"We would like to thank Güralp Vinç for the approaches they have done during the period from offer till the planning of the project, as well as quick after-sales services. Besides we don’t have any doubt that this company makes concessions about work safety and we would be delighted to work with Güralp Vinç again"

Müfit Kurbanzade

"We think that Guralp Vinç is a very successful and disciplined company (by) which the product quality and the after-sales services are always been trustworthy by its customers."

Mustafa Güler

"We are using the Güralp Vinç cranes with great satisfaction and without any problems in our 20.000 m2 area of workplace."

Berk Bilgin

"We are very satisfied to work together with Güralp Vinç because of the image they gave us by means of positive work behaviour/quality."

Muhittin Ak

"We think that working with Guralp Vinc was a good choice because of the kindness attitude of employees towards us. Therefore we would like to thank you for sharing your experiences with us. "

Cem Gün / Güngör Güneş

"I have seen the quality of the workmanship from nearby. It is a company that gives trust to customers by focusing on the solution itself. "

Mehmet Emin Karataş

"We would like to thank you for the work done by Guralp Vinc, our lifting and stowing business partner which never gives up the search of quality and innovation."

Gökhan Çelikdağ

"Guralp Vinc is a quality-driven company with a focus on high-standards of sales and after-sales services. Therefore our preference will be Guralp Vinç for our investments."

Erol Şenol

"In our company we use the Guralp Vinc cranes in many networks and processes, and by defect of the products they were very helpful and very quick with after-sales services. "

Arif Mutluhan Eröz

"We would like to thank our partner Guralp Vinc for being quick with the choice, delivery and the maintenance of products, as well as response for the after-sales services. "

Mürsel Kibar

"Guralp Vinc has always been an eye catcher in his branche with regard to quality, a strong technical team, quick delivery and after-sales service. Guralp Vinc differs from other companies with its crane design that has a focus on export."

İlker Akgün

"We would like to thank Guralp Vinç for the performances/effort they have given with regard to machine equipment’s, quality services, domestic and international commitments. Therefore, we hope to work again as partners in future."

Taner Telcioğlu

"Guralp Vinc is an expert in its branche that makes no mistakes and satisfies the customers."

Mehmet Baylan

"We have met Guralp Vinç back in 2011. Right now we have eight pieces of overhead traveling cranes. We are very satisfied to use your equipment’s. All the reserve pieces and maintenance support has been made. We would like to thank Guralp Vinc and its employees."

Osman Bilgin

"On behalf of the employees, I would like to thank Guralp Vinc for the coordinated work you have done during the manufacturing, the project stage and assemblage/montage. We wish Guralp Vinc successful years and hope that they have an international breakthrough in future."

Fikret Bakacak

"We use Guralp Vinc brand for five years. We are pleased with the fact that the cranes of Guralp Vinc is now a part in our company, because of the trustworthiness, quality and the services they provide."

Sibel Bilgiç

"We as Konkap have 100% trust in Guralp Vinç. They have present references, hardworking mentality, customer satisfaction and understanding of quality they have. "

Duygu Çınar

"We are satisfied with the way you work and the interaction with the customers you have."

Murat Apakhan

"We are pleased with the cranes Guralp Vinc produces. Services are excellent and quick which satisfies the customers. Next time, when we choose Guralp Vinc again, we definitely will advise others."

Murat Karabulut

"The reason to choose Guralp Vinc is that they select products according to standards. They give technical support if needed and connect very quick in anyway with the customers."

Levent Sindel

"We are very pleased with the 4 pieces of 20 ton overhead traveling cranes we bought for our OIZ factory. The performance you gave for both the design of it and the service were very satisfying. We hope that Guralp Vinc achieves many other successes with all projects we'll conduct together. Thanks for your customer focused understanding."

Fikret Memege

"The aspects to choose for Guralp Vinc were: that they are an experienced team, do well with after-sales services and that they do not back away from the level of quality."

Ramazan Yanar

"I have been using Güralp cranes for twenty years in companies where I have management responsibility and I own them. Currently, I operate 22 ceiling cranes with various lifting capacity between 5 tons and 32 tons in my factories in Denizli and full/half portal cranes. The number of cranes used and the duration of commercial relations at stake is somewhat expensive (!) although, I think my long-term reliance on GÜRALP company and its products is enough to express. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my dear friend Mr. Alpaslan Kurtmen and his esteemed Guralp employees.''

A. Avni Şahin

"We are proud to have another new Guralp Crane in our facility. We have started to use our new 10 tons double girder Crane now. We are thankful for your friendly professional support during the whole process from the initial negotiations to the closing of the deal."

Macit Çubuk

"We have selected to work with Guralp for third time due to the quality of produced cranes as well as the excellent service provided. The price to performance ratio is outstanding and we don’t regret our decision to work with Guralp."

Altuğ Akbayır

"The reasons of choosing Guralp are very well organized company, CE standards, accrediated, cerftified producer and tested products."

Mustafa ÜNLÜ

"Besides the quality of products, after sales service is really good in the company that is the reason we are working with peace of mind."




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