We are in Bursa, the top of the industry.


Setting off from Izmir, which we define as our production and management center, we have determined our second largest city where we will carry our brand as Bursa, the top of the industry. With our brand, which is already well-known in Bursa, we have been producing solutions to the increasing loads of the industry that has been developing especially in Bursa for years, and we contribute to the development by transferring our sectoral experiences to our customers.

Following our Bursa step, we aimed to make our sectoral solutions visible and accessible at national level by opening regional directorates in Istanbul, Ankara and Konya in order to expand our national production network. We are creating new strategies to further expand our national network and to become active in all regions of our country, especially in our big cities.

We continue to work with all our strength to produce solutions suitable for your every need and offer you the most innovative technologies.


If there is Güralp, there is a solution ...


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