Remote Control Systems

Uzaktan Kumanda

Thanks to the wide range of options available for transmitters and receivers, solutions suitable for the control requirements of machines in the fields of industry, construction and moving vehicles can be found. The push-type Wave (pushbutton) family lifting vehicles are suitably designed for optimal management of ceiling-type mobile cranes, tower-type cranes and, in other words, on / off (on-off) controlled machines. The transmitter families that can be attached to the waist are straight proportional or open / closed type and appeal to the vast world of the machines that can be controlled with the joystick. The control panels of Zeus models can be suitable for a maximum of 2 biaxial joysticks in the B2 class, as well as 6 uniaxial joysticks in the M6 ​​class as well as various control elements consisting of push buttons, selectors or rotary switches and potentiometers. The transmitter family, which can be worn on the waist named Thor, can be expanded even further. Thanks to the large area of ​​these transmitters on the control panel, the B4 model can be suited for up to 4 biaxial joysticks, and on the M8 model, it is suitable for a large number of control elements, consisting of 8 single-axis joysticks, plus push buttons, selectors or rotary switches and potentiometers. . The fixed M8 transmitter for DIN rail mounting can be used naturally in all situations where open / closed type and flat proportional type controls produced by sensors or RS 232/485 ports must be transmitted wirelessly to any control station. The receiver range is based on 4 models, these are L, H, M and K models. With these models, the needs of any type of application can be met in terms of the required number of open / closed type and flat proportional type outputs and special installation issues. All M550 series families can be developed with the data feedback function, so that machine status information from sensors on the body can be displayed on LCD or LED displays. IMET products are designed according to the highest quality standards. CAT4 for STOP circuit, CAT3 for motion commands and 2. "Redundancy", "Double Control", "Autocontrol" and "Periodic Control" concepts are available in every part where safety is important. Thanks to all these issues, IMET rises to the leading position in terms of active and passive security provision.

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